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Our Real Estate group provides comprehensive “one-stop” accounting, tax and consulting services to those in the real estate industry

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  • Property Management
  • Investors
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Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Owning real estate property can be an excellent way to earn extra income. However many potential investors don’t know where to begin. They are many things to do and understand before investing:

  • Evaluate your financial needs plus wants
  • Know that no investment is safe or guaranteed
  • Investing is long term, not overnight
  • Property Analysis – what is an acceptable rate of return?
  • Tax laws – real estate dealer vs investor; llc vs scorp; buy vs lease, etc

Working with a team of experienced real estate professionals  – from the attorney, banker and real estate broker – all very important to making sure you make a sound investment.  Let our technical knowledge and our business and industry-specific strategies help you maximize the returns on investment of your real estate portfolio.

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